Healing Your Injuries

Injuries. Accidents. Pulled muscles. Tweaked back. These annoyingly common ailments are never easy to deal with, and they can take a decent amount of time to heal, depending on the root cause and severity of the issue. There are many ways to deal with body pains, so here are some ideas on how to help your body heal faster. 

Stretch – Ever watch a cat or dog when they first wake up in the morning? They spend a fair amount of time stretching all their main muscles before they begin any activity. This is a natural instinct for them and is an excellent preventative measure to ensure they don’t pull muscles from cuddling or pouncing on their human all day. Us? We’re not so instinctive. Allow yourself at least 10 minutes in the morning to stretch and warmup your muscles before attacking your emails or making breakfast. You can even stretch in the shower!

In the case of injuries, palpate and locate the tight muscle. Focus on stretching and performing the opposite action of that muscle to help alleviate the pain. Example: For back pain, perform the cat and cow yoga exercise. 

Yoga – Yoga is an excellent addition to your daily routine. It helps to stretch and strengthen your main muscles (especially core) and even helps with mental clarity and breath control. Allow yourself roughly 30 minutes in your day to relax to some yoga. Don’t have 30 minutes? There are many 10 minute routines you can find on YouTube and Pinterest. 

Get a Massage – Massage therapy seems to have this stigma that it is only used for relaxation. This is false. Massage therapy can be used for therapeutic and healing purposes, as well. For example, sports massage is beneficial for athletes and body builders who need stretching and the quickest healing for the muscles. Rehabilitation massage is excellent for accident patients or people who suffer from long term ailments such as arthritis, scoliosis, and so forth. Having a kink in your neck is an excellent time to get a massage, because 9 times out of 10, that is rooted by a muscular issue. Massage therapists are trained in figuring out what muscles can cause specific pains and how to locate and release the trigger points associated with that muscle.

Visit a Chiropractor – Muscle pain can sometimes be caused by bones and joints getting misplaced. A Chirporactor is able to manipulate your joints and bones to put them back to their correct placement. If you’re new to adjustments, it is important to understand that you may be sore after your first few sessions. Your body will need time to get used to your bone structure that was reset. 

Exercise – I know what you’re thinking: How are you supposed to exercise if your back is killing you? It sounds far fetched, but hitting the gym or taking a walk is a great way to get your blood moving and those lungs pumping. When you perform weight bearing exercises, this builds your main muscles and strengthens muscles that haven’t been used in a while. If you can’t perform weight bearing exercises, hit the pool and allow the resistance from the water to strengthen those muscles. 

Hydrate – Add cucumbers to your water or drink coconut water (or Gatorade) for added electrolytes. Increasing your liquid intake won’t necessarily take your pain away, but it will help to hydrate your body and get things moving. This is especially important when you have soreness in your muscles from a previous days workout. 

Take Time Off (for yourself) – This doesn’t necessarily mean taking a day off work, but more along the lines of relaxing and focusing on doing things that make you happy. We live in such a fast paced world that we don’t stop to smell the air or listen to the birds anymore. Take a walk and find animals in the cloud. Put your phone away, turn off the car and just enjoy nature. Sometimes pain can be associated with stress, so work to alleviate or control your level of stress. 

Essential Oils – Mix essential oils with carriers such as avocado oil or massage cream and rub it into the area causing pain. Our favorite mixtures to use are eucalyptus and peppermint oil. This combination allows for deep penetration into the muscles and helps to relax the muscle. There are hundreds of combinations to use, so do your research and find one that works best for you. Tiger balm is also a great healing cream to throw on your sore muscles. 

OTC Medications – If all else fails, take 1600mgs of Motrin and make sure you change your socks. (Ok, this one is in here for a little military comedy. Well, not really because it’s true!!!!) If you truly need pills to help get relief, call a nursing line or speak with your medical doctor.

There you have it! Some tips and tricks to help with soreness and injuries. This is what Balanced Therapies is all about: Helping you live a healthy life and doing it holistically and naturally. Feel free to shoot us any questions or comments you may have or visit http://www.balanced-therapy.com for more information on how massage can help you. Now go enjoy your day and remember to breathe! 


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