Norovirus Fun

Ah, sickness season. It can hit you at anytime without you even realizing it. Yesterday, I had the fun of taking care of my soon-to-be 18 month old daughter who got hit with it before any of us. It all started at 4am when I woke up to sounds of her choking. She had thrown up in her sleep, but she was instinctively trying to swallow it back. Because of her pacifier, she wasn’t able to swallow it and luckily I heard it fast enough to grab her and stick my finger in her mouth to dislodge the thick substance. Between 4-6am, she threw up a total of 6 times. I thought she got it all out of her system then, because her diaper could’ve made the Guinness Book of World Records. 

From that point on, it was small amounts of liquid and a few baths due to leaky diapers. Her last barf session was roughly around 6pm. To my surprise, she was still energetic and running around like nothing was wrong. I made her a vegan soup with carrots, celery and potatoes, and fed her small amounts of bananas, crackers, and cucumber infused water. This seemed to help keep her nourished and she was able to sleep through the entire night without fussing. 

This morning, I have a starving baby who is eating up the entire kitchen! It’s so great to see her bounce back so quickly, although I can’t say the same for me. She passed it on and now I’m battling between the virus and an abusive child. I think they are both equally terrifying. 

So what do you do when you get hit with one of these bugs? The internet is full of excellent sites, so here’s my summary of what I found useful.  

  1. Stay Hydrated! Fluids are key to survival and you will need to replenish, no matter which exit the virus is using to escape. Gatorade, pedialyte, coconut water, and cucumber water are all excellent ways to ensure you’re replenishing your electrolytes. 
  2. Snack on Nutritious Foods. Eating junk won’t help you, so stick to your fruits and veggies. If possible, avoid all animal products to allow your body the quickest path to recovery. 
  3. Stay Home. Your bed and bathroom will be your best friend during these next 24-48 hours. This will also help control the virus and protect your community from contracting it from you. 
  4. Wash Your Hands Often. Germs spread faster than lightning during a storm. Wash your hands thoroughly after every bathroom run, before and after eating foods, and anytime after you touch your face. Keeping the virus at bay is key and staying clean could help you fight the virus faster. 
  5. Seriously, hydrate. Waters, teas, and infused water every few minutes, if you can. Snack on ice cubes if you must. 

There you have a it! Small, yet effective, ways to fight the stomach flu, stomach bug, norovirus, whatever you want to call it. Stay away from me if you’re sick, and I’ll do the same in return. Here’s to a healthy and happy work week! Cheers. 


Marketing Mindset

Oh what a night!

Last night I attended my second real marketing event and it was a great learning experience.  I’ve always been the type to shy away when people approach me, so to be put in a situation where I’m there to meet people and talk to them was a different thing from the norm.  You mean, you want to know about me?  Don’t mind if I do!

So what did the networking event teach me?  Multiple things.

  1.  People want to know you if you are confident about yourself.  Hold yourself to a higher standard and let your surroundings know that you’re not to be messed with.
  2.  Not everyone who talks to you is hitting on you.  This one is huge for me!  Of course a few creeps will sneak their way in, but most people are genuine when they approach you about your business and show interest in supporting you.
  3. Know what your product is and prepare your conversations beforehand.  On my drive to the venue, I practiced my introduction, what my product was, and why people should come see me.  I felt crazy when I was doing it, but it paid off because I knew exactly what to say when I met a new person.
  4. Work on your smile in your free time.  This one is a given.  Practice your smile, you posture, your gestures.  Everything you say and do makes an impression, so let it be a good one.
  5. Have easy names on social media accounts.  Half of the people I met asked for social media accounts before they asked for a business card.  This made it easy for automatic connections and it’s guaranteed that you will remember to follow up with them.

Of course, I learned more lessons, but these seem to be the ones that stuck out to me most.  Now I get to take these tips and use them for next week’s happy hour!  What a night it was, and I look forward to having more of them.